Photographs on mylar, surveyor's tripod, plexiglas, speakers


Reading consists of two mylar enlargements suspended from the ceiling showing two views of a woman reading, one taken from over her shoulder, the other taken from at her feet. The audio component of the work is heard at either end of the gallery space through small speakers built into oval portrait frames. The audio describes an exchange of glances and speculations made by two public transit commuters as they read on their way to work. The third ‘reader’ is represented through a plexiglas book mounted on a surveyor’s tripod. Contained in the book is an image of a turn of the century novelty item — a camera disguised as a book. Along with instructions for the use of the camera, is an engraving of a woman of the era using the device.

Reading, Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver
Reading and other work, Photographer’s Gallery, Saskatoon
Re-reading the 80s: Feminism as Process in Vancouver, Belkin Satellite, Vancouver
Through A Window, SFU Audain Gallery, Vancouver

Images: Courtesy SFU Galleries, Photo Credit: Blaine Campbell