Video Projection
Dimensions Variable

Threshold/cont. is made up of concise quotes that aim to define ‘boredom’, drawn from sources in literature, criticism and sociology. The video is projected on to the floor, rolling very slowly as flickering light, and becomes legible as it reaches the wall. The quotes are marked with endnote symbols, and a printed list is presented as a bibliography. An animated ‘waiting’ symbol punctuates each quote. An on-going project, new definitions of boredom are added to the video with each presentation of the work. As a ‘convolute’, the video loop of indeterminate length displaces time, and presents boredom as an indeterminate, contradictory concept. Threshold/cont. is one part of on ongoing inquiry into the topic of boredom that began in 2000 and has included installations, embroideries, book reviews, lectures and drawings.

“The Chatter of Culture”, Artspeak, Vancouver
Solo Exhibition, Koerner Library, University of British Columbia