The Structure of Boredom (after Oden)

Dimensions Variable

This work takes as its source a diagram published in The Structure of Awareness (1969) by Thomas C. Oden. The original diagram was rebuilt and repeated vertically and horizontally to form an endless pattern. It was then output on ‘copytuff’, a plastic material used to enlarge black and white illustrations for architectural displays. The manipulated diagram has been published in journals and magazines, as well as in installation form.

The Structure of Boredom (after Oden) is one part of on ongoing inquiry into the topic of boredom that began in 2000 and has included video projections, embroideries, book reviews, lectures and drawings.

“The Chatter of Culture: Lorna Brown & David Zink Yi”, Artspeak, Vancouver
“Casualty: Lorna Brown & Bernie Miller”, Dunlop Gallery, Regina; Gallery 1C03, University of Winnipeg