Installation: Photographs on mylar, speakers
Collection of the BC Arts Council

Mobility consists of one enlargement on mylar placed in the window of the storefront gallery and could be viewed from the street as well as the interior of the space. It shows a male figure poised at the top of a flight of stairs, surrounded by elements of neo-classical architecture. He is engaged in conversation on a cell phone. A second enlargement is hung perpendicular to the gallery wall and holds an image of a ‘receptionist’ similarly engaged in a telephone conversation. The audio text relays the myth of Daedalus and Icarus in a contemporary telling; the female voice describes, in the third person, a telephone conversation with a man who speculates on the relationship of father (Daedalus) to son (Icarus).

Solo Exhibition, Gallery T.O.O., Vancouver
Working Truths, Powerful Fictions, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina